Weddings at NOFOMOCO - Byron Bay

Weddings at NOFOMOCO - Byron Bay

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Andy Michael -


"I love the ocean, the outdoors & everything the Australian life affords me. I also love love. Seriously though, how good is it!?

How good is this thing that makes you talk in a dorky voice saying things you swore you’d never say. It makes you want to alter the course of your life for goodness sake. I’m pretty passionate about how much I bloody love love. That’s why I became a celebrant."

***Andy Michael is one part of Jake and Andy music - one part of our brilliant musical duo also on offer with NOFOMOCO!



Cara Gallagher -

Cara believes all couples are different, so there isn’t one ceremony template that is going to suit everyone.

By getting to know both you and your fiancé, Cara takes a lot of pride in tailoring the ceremony to your needs and requirements – no matter how big or small.

She’s friendly and welcoming and interested in hearing about your life as a couple, the reasons why you love each other and she will help bring your love story to life in your ceremony.

Cara delivers a special and completely unique service for each couple that not only both of you will cherish, but that all your guests will remember forever.


Kirsty Laing -">


Kirsty offers relaxed, sincere, heartfelt ceremonies.

Her mission is to craft you a personalised ceremony that flows effortlessly, engages your
family and friends and makes the start of your wedding day fun, relaxed and full of joy!

With almost 10 years of experience, Kirsty brings ideas, inspiration and options - teamed with an open-minded modern approach, so that your wedding ceremony is a true reflection of you as a couple.

If you are looking for a down-to-earth wedding celebrant to set the scene for your wedding celebrations - make sure you get in touch with Kirsty.


Roxy Hotten -


Roxy is a bike-riding, dog-loving, wine-sipping Celebrant, experienced in marrying people since 2011. 


Having worked as a music journalist and a project manager, Roxy is super organised, yet creative. She works closely with couples to produce a ceremony which truly reflects their story and sets the tone for the rest of the celebrations. 


Her style is warm, personable, friendly and inclusive.  In fact, many of her clients have said 'It felt like a friend married us...'.  If your vision is for your ceremony to be conducted by someone who truly makes you and your guests feel comfortable, Roxy is the one for you.'



Michelle Shannon -

"I'm a romantic at heart and inspired by genuine love."

Michelle tells stories and creates beautiful moments that will move people.

"As your celebrant, I want you to feel excited about your celebration, 

having the freedom and connection to tell your unique story and share your love with those you love.

I'm easy-going and warm-hearted and I think I have a knack of making people feel relaxed. 

Most of all I want you to have fun!"


Susie Figgis -

Susie knows that committing to a life together means different things to everyone.  

She is welcoming and warm and genuinely enjoys learning about you as a couple to create a ceremony that is personal and perfectly you.

Working with Susie everyone at your wedding will enjoy the meaningful expression of your love story which will be delivered with warmth, reverence and fun at the right moments.

She won’t won’t steal your limelight, but she will create a wonderful sense of occasion and joy for you and your guests.


Erin Waddell -


After recently relocating from the beautiful Whitsundays to the paradise that is Byron Bay, Erin has specialised in destination weddings for the past 10 years, and loves to create personalised ceremonies that reflect you both as a couple. 

"Love is different for all of us, and we want the world to know how amazing your love is!"

Erin loves to get to know you both as a couple and to transform your love story into a beautiful, memorable ceremony for you and your guests to enjoy. 

“Professionally and personally it was amazing to have Erin as our

celebrant. Erin made the whole process so easy and stress free, it was the best day of our lives, and our ceremony made us laugh and cry! Words cannot describe how thankful we are.” 



Chiquita Mitchell -


Chiquita will expertly guide you through the wedding process, write your tailored ceremony, develop your vows, explain the legal aspects, keep you organised and flawlessly conduct your ceremony. 


It is about being relaxed and trusting your Celebrant to manage your ceremony - and Chiquita is an excellent choice.  Her weddings have featured in ELLE, VOGUE, Queensland Brides, Cosmopolitan Bride, Harper's Bazaar, as well as being televised. 



Kristy Harper -


"My favourite part of a wedding is the love story that brought it all together.


You and your partner have made the decision to get married and marriage, to each and everyone one of us, has a different meaning. So I won’t stand up the front and tell you what marriage means or bang on about what love is all about. It’s your wedding day and your story to share. 


I became a marriage Celebrant because I love people, I love people’s love stories and I love sharing those stories with those they love most. My ceremonies are genuine, relaxed, sweet and simple. I make sure I use the style of language you would both use, so as to keep you both relaxed and have the guests truly engaged In the ceremony. I aim to share the details of stories that people don’t often think to ask and incorporate whatever it is that you as a couple wish to share with those closet to you.


Because it’s YOUR wedding day!

And it will always be the greatest honour of mine to be the person to share your story."



Tammy Jayne -


"Hi there! I'm Tammy.

Love has been a very strong and reaffirming theme throughout my life - so it only makes sense that I have become a celebrant. 

Weddings and unions are my absolutely favourite thing in the world. There's something very special about one day in a persons life that is set aside just for them and the one they love. 

It would be my great pleasure, and honour, to be a part of that day for you too.

Weddings. Love. Celebrating... These are the things in life that make my soul smile.


Becoming a celebrant was the best decision I ever made. Sharing a clients special day is always such a wonderful and heart-warming time. Everyone is different, which means every day is different.


I love to help any way I can. And, there is no better feeling than introducing the new couple to the world with nothing but thunderous applause and tearful, joyous smiles."



Jason Baker -


"How perfect...

There are times in your lives, moments, that you will carry with you forever...Days you may have dreamed of, so vividly, that you can almost feel and sense how they will be. 

For such precious times, you must feel safe and have complete trust in those that you rely upon to help you make those dreams real. 

I will ensure that you are not just heard but ‘feel’ heard and understood in the days leading up to your wedding. 


I will listen to you, hear you and help craft your dreams into a real day that will last forever in your memories.

But most of all, I will centre you both around the love you share and give you space to have the most joyous day of your lives."



Dean Coupland -


Dean is known for his vibrant, dynamic energy. He puts couples at ease with his heartfelt, humorous and quirky nature. 

He will be your friend who will guide you through your big day; making you laugh and cry by bringing your unique love story to life. 

Let's go on this adventure together!



Victoria Armstrong -


Victoria's main passion is storytelling, she really gets to know her couple's love story and then weaves all the golden love nuggets throughout the wedding ceremony, making it enjoyable and heartwarming.

Her presence is warm and comforting, and the energy she brings to every wedding party is loving and fun. Victoria loves what she does and it's obvious from the first moment you make contact with her, that she really cares about how you want to celebrate your love!